Friday, 16 January 2015

The Grandma Diaries - Baby Shopping

So as we are halfway through week 10 of what seems to be the longest pregnancy in the world, we went baby Shopping. When I had Tilly, I chose to go for a second hand pram as money was tight and over the years I have had all sorts of prams, some new and others second hand, and its the second hand ones that I have always preferred. Beth has decided on a second hand pram, because the although they say that they are to last until a child is at least 3, lets face it - by the time they are 18 months the child is in a stroller and the big expensive travel system is shoved in the cupboard under the stairs waiting for the next baby to come along. I always had new stroller as these are more light weight and if you buy a second hand one they don't last long, I had a second hand stroller and it collapsed with a child in it once, so you really do have to be careful when making these buys.

There are some beautiful prams out there these days, and it was amazing to see what they all do! its a great time of the year to go looking for the bigger items the baby needs as the sales are on and you can get some great bargains. We Took Tilly with us to look for baby bits, she has chosen it a Frozen bed and decided against all the prams as she cant reach up to push them properly. She has also given her name to the baby as she loves the name and I have to call her Maisie now!

Tilly has stopped asking when the baby will be born, has the novelty worn off? has she possibly forgotten? or for the first time in her life, is she being patient? lol. Beth is still being sick, but like I keep reminding her, it lasted for 9 months with Tilly! She has lost a stone since getting pregnant and the midwife is keeping an eye on the sickness.

We have been given some free opportunities this week to try some great mummy items out, we are looking at clothes from and the great new washable breast pads from , so more on those when they arrive :) sounds like she is going to be the best dressed mummy to be with the great protection of breast pads!

This week we did manage to get some baby bits, I got the most amazing changing mat from Mamas and Papas, that is covered in fabric, so the baby doesnt get cold when you late him/her down - why didnt they have this when Tilly was a baby?

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