Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Grandma Diaries - Explaining To A Four Year Old How A Baby Is Born!

Apparently, I look like this!
Tilly has asked many times if I have a baby in my tummy as I am overweight, and she just assumes like all kids that a fat person must be pregnant! She has wanted a baby brother or sister for a long time and I have never wanted to give her one for a long time! Tilly was born when I was 37 and it was a tough pregnancy and even tougher time with PND, So I swore I would never have another child.

So we had never had to cover the whole subject of when a baby has been born and how it gets into your tummy. She once asked me on a crowded bus if I had eaten her when she was a baby, so she could grow in my tummy! When Kimmy was a toddler I remember going to the ELC to buy a book and we made such a big thing of it. We reused that book when i was pregnant with Beth and then passed it on to another family.

These days there is the internet so you have access to such resources at the click of a mouse, so off we went to find a youtube video of how a baby is made. She was engrossed in it until she saw the baby being born! ''Ewww'' She shouted ''Thats Ascusting'' she said It looks like a banana coming out of the ladies rudey bits''. Now she realises that a baby doesn't come out of your belly button like she thought

I could of said about the stork bringing the baby or that you just wake up in hospital and a baby being there, but as she has such a close relationship with her sister, she is going to notice all these changes in her sister and is going to be curious of what is going on.

So as we enter week number 9 in the grown of Grandchild number 1, I am told it is the size of a grape, but really come on! who actually measures these babies and who decides what size grape to measure the baby with. There are so many different size grapes in a punnet, did someone look at a punnet in Sainsburys one day and decide, You know what- that looks like a nine week fetus? Hopefully only a few weeks before her morning sickness subsides. Working in a pharmacy store is fab as I can get advice when I need it. And I am glad I ask as I was going to buy some pregnancy lozenges for morning sickness and I was advised not to buy them by the pharmacist. She will just have to ride it all out!

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