Thursday, 19 February 2015

Baking Bread With Kids

Do you ever find that you’re at a loss of what to do with the kids in the holidays? Tilly is always very active and quite often I just can’t keep up with her! She needs to be kept busy all the time and quite often, finances just don’t add up enough to take her out for the day somewhere different. We were invited to some children’s cooking classes at a local cooking school and we decided to pop along. The Chequers Kitchen offer cooking classes of all types and they were really good in bringing out my confidence after suffering from PND. The classes were free which was in my budget and all we had to take was ingredients. Sadly they don’t get enough funding to hold more classes for children; I feel it would be better for families to learn how to cook healthily in an environment like this rather than them eating unhealthily. If you plant ideas into young kid’s heads, they grow into bigger and better ideas.
We went along to the baking bread class and Tilly loved it, she felt very grown up and looked so cute with her little cooking apron on. They were showed how to put salt in the bread to give it a bit of taste and how to make the yeast. The lesson wasn’t just about baking it incorporates so much more learning for children including science and maths. They left the yeast on the side to watch it change and get ready to be mixed with the flour
When it was time to mix, she was shown how to mix with 2 fingers and then eventually mix the dough into a giant dough ball. This is a great way for a little bit of sensory play too
We left the dough to prove for a little while and she watched it grow, then she had to knead it again, she was shown how to stretch the bread and loved playing with it. Science was bought into it again as they talked about how the yeast was working and making the bread spring back into shape after it was pulled.
Tilly decided she was going to plait her bread (like Tangled) and brush it with egg for a shiny look. She could of added flour instead to give it a tradition floury top to the bread.

It was put in the oven and left for 25 minutes. This is a long time for a little girl who has the smallest attention span in the world! But she liked watching it grow in the oven and she eventually it came out (unfortunately not looking much like a plait anymore, but she was over the moon with her creation). She couldn’t wait to eat her bread!
Bread is really easy to make. We made it with 400g of strong white flour and 2 spoonfuls of yeast mixed in lukewarm water
Its a shame that these classes don’t get enough funding to do more classes for children as it is a great education for children. Tilly really enjoyed the class and now wants to make bread at home. 

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