Saturday, 7 February 2015

Chalk Board Wall Sticker From

I am a big fan of Chalk Board paint and I love to paint things with it, Its so easy to paint a square and use it as a shopping list, you can paint glasses and write your name on them for parties. But blackboard paint is permanant! so thats why I fell in love with these stickers from

They offer a replacement for bulky chalkboards and kids easels, and using the blackboard stickers as a cool way to add something original and fun without taking up space!Spin Collective are dedicated to designing original contemporary wall stickers and window film. Complete with free applicator, Crayola coloured chalks (with chalkboard stickers), battery (with clocks), test sheet (with window film) and simple instructions with every purchase.

The stickers sit to most surfaces and you can even add them to the back of your kitchen door. If you decide to decorate in a few years, then simply peel off the sticker and paint. so much easier than painting over blackboard paint. Prices range between £6 and £20. 

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