Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Easter Wreaths - My Choice Of The Ones To Have.

We all love to see Christmas wreaths on the doors at Christmas time but whilst browsing the Internet I came across some lovely Easter wreaths at The Contemporary Home. What a lovely Idea! They look so spring like and fresh. If you cant afford to buy a ready made wreath, why not make your own one? Homemade ones are always made with love.

Easter seems to be everywhere this year and it seems so early. I work in retail and we were stocking our shelves with Easter eggs on Christmas Eve. Here is my Pic of the Wreaths I have found and as it is snowing outside, It gives me something warm to look forward to.

Gisela Graham Country Meadow Easter Wreath £30

 Gisela Graham Pastel Easter Egg & Twig Wreath £21

Gisela Graham Pink Blossom Wreath £35

Gisela Graham Rustic Egg And Feather Easter £17

Gisela Graham Twig Bunny Easter Wreath £7

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