Friday, 13 February 2015

Granny To Be Goes To The Scan

It seems so long ago that I found out Beth was pregnant and last week we found ourselves in the hospital waiting for the 12 week scan. By the time she had the scan she was nearly 13 weeks as the midwife had neglected to book it in the first place so she booked it at the local main hospital and was told to attend an appointment at a different hospital, so of we all went on our merry way. We took Tilly along as I just knew she would have to see the baby on the screen. I still have scan pictures of her as a baby and she has taken great interest in them.
We arrived at the hospital to be told only one adult could go into the room and one child. But we were also told that the appointment hadn’t even been made on the system! So there we all were anticipating seeing this little one – only to be told there was no booking. We had an irate Dad to Be who had travelled hundreds of miles to see his baby and a tearful Mum to Be! It appears the tears did the trick as they were fitted in for a scan
I tried to follow everyone in as if I hadn’t noticed all the signs in the hospital saying only one adult – but the sonographer wasn’t stupid and stopped me in my tracks, I did my really stupid look but it didn’t work! I was resigned to the waiting room. Never mind I thought to myself – I can find some mischief to get up to!

Firstly I stood there with my ear against the door listening to what they were saying, I loved hearing the Ahhhh’s coming from Tilly ‘its so cute’ she exclaimed!
Then I went exploring and found another room set up for a scan, I was so temped to lay on the bed and take a selfie, but I acted responsibly and left. Then a wheelchair caught my eye, but wheelchair racing on your own isn’t fun! So I soon gave up on that. I went back to the door to listen again, praying that it wouldn’t fly open as I was leaning on it
The Door did eventually open and Beth popped to the toilet, I took it as my chance to Hijack the scan and nicely ask Nathan if we could swap, The sonographer said it’s not normal procedure but then I rolled the ‘’Granny in waiting ‘’ eyes at her, she soon backed down and I took my place in the room. It was strange seeing the baby on screen for the first time, I thought I would feel a special attachment to it, like you do when you first see you baby on the screen, but it felt different. It felt strange and I guess this is the start of what it’s like going through it as a granny and not a mummy. I had always thought that when your daughter gets pregnant, it is an extension of you getting pregnant and I would instantly feel a special parent bond, But I guess when you’re a grandparent, you also need to take a step back and let the parents enjoy the pregnancy

Anyway All is ok and the baby is growing so well, no problems picked up by the scan and now to wait for the 20 week scan 


  1. Aww! How special for you!
    I'm glad everything is going well x

  2. Aww!, How exciting, Glad everything is okay, was such a lovely post to read.


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