Thursday, 19 February 2015

Handmade Easter Craft Trends For Easter

Making homemade items is such a growing trend, I do believe that handmade is always best! it gives your own personal touch to things in your home and you get such a feeling of achievement once you have made something.

Easter Wreaths

I love wreaths, they are not just for Christmas and they are not just for the front door. They are a great way to decorate your home for Easter and here are a few ideas of how to dress your home with a wreath. The best thing about them again is that you personalise it to how you want it.

Easter Bonnets

The idea of Easter bonnets goes back to 1870's, they are still very popular these days with children and are so easy to make. There are so many different ideas to think about when you make your Easter bonnet and you will NEVER find any two the same. Easter bonnets are fun and affordable to make. You can buy an Easter bonnet in a seasonal pastel colour from Hobbycraft.

Baking And Chocolate

Baking is another trend that seems to be more popular than ever, people every where are doing it, and when is there ever a better time to get in the kitchen baking than Easter? You can make an adorable cookie like I did with an egg shape biscuit covered in some icing. Mine was the shape of a chick in an egg - simple but symbolises Easter for many children. It took minutes to decorate and looks so lovely. These will make fab Easter presents for your friends and family or just eat them all yourself ;)
If you want to try chocolate, why not have a go at making a homemade chocolate slab or a homemade Easter egg or chocolate.

Easter Eggs

Why not get some empty plastic eggs and fill them with treats to make an Easter egg hunt for the kids? You can make everything for an Easter egg hunt yourself - right down to the baskets and chocolate eggs. Or try looking for an Easter egg hunt kit at Hobbycraft?

What ever you all decide to do to create you own homemade Easter this year, I am sure you will enjoy every moment of it. Create things with the children, it is a great time for some family bonding and you will enjoy yourself more than your think.

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