Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Letting Children Go

Last week Beth made the move to the West Country to live with her boyfriend, A new start for her to raise a family. I had told her to prepare Tilly for the big change and to know that Beth won’t be down the road anymore and unable to collect her from school. Tilly usually feels so lost when one of her siblings are missing. She has always had them around except for when Zach went to Norway last Summer.

We had an afternoon meal before she went that turned into a bit of a fiasco because they didn’t turn up until half an hour later, by then everyone was starving and we decided to go and order our food. Poor Wetherspoons had A really bored Tilly running around waiting for her sister to arrive. Then after we had a meal, they went on their way.

I thought I would feel upset as she was moving away and it means I am not down the road to enjoy her pregnancy with her, but I actually feel quite happy for her to go. We haven’t always had the closest relationship as she was growing up and as a teenager she has been a real handful (something she will have to work through herself as a mother one day). She was a child model and I think that’s where it all went wrong! By the time she was 5 years old she was on TV and in magazines and newspapers nationwide. She got loads of attention and by the time she was 9, I had to stop it. She was missing out on a childhood and she had got a bit big for her boots. She became a tearaway teen and I found it increasingly hard to cope with her, especially when I became pregnant with Tilly and had no family support to help me with Beth. When I finally asked her to move out at 18, she went without a fuss and although it was upsetting at the time, I knew I had to do it for the greater good. It was time for her to grow up and stop having everything handed to her on a plate. I will give her, her due she has managed, although since moving out she wangled a free holiday from her dad and had some support given to her too.

Even though Beth had moved out last year, Tilly always knew that Bethy was down the road and would pick her up from school. Tilly hasn’t asked for Beth or asked to phone Beth since she has been gone and seems to have coped really well with the change. I has only been a week, but she normally see’s her once a week. We haven’t had a peep out of Beth since she moved apart from a quick facebook message, I know that she is settling in to her new job and life in the West Country and she has the honeymoon period with Nathan. But I feel myself wondering If this is the beginning of us drifting apart again?

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