Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Making a Hair Piece For Your Little Girl - How Easy It is

Making your own hair accessory seems to be a scary idea, It is alot easier to go to somewhere like Claires Accessories to buy what you need but I always find most stores expensive unless you grab something in the sale!

So this is where we come across the idea of making a hairband for Tilly. People don't make things from scrap materials anymore - we don't seem to be a generation of 'make do and mend' yet at the same time people are always wanting bespoke items made for them, meaning they pay someone to do the craft for them.
I decided to make Tilly a head band and rummaged through a box of old fabric flowers and feathers to find what i needed to decorate. You can find the basic white Alice band in Hobbycraft for £1.50, then along with a glue gun, some feathers/beads/flowers you can get going and design till your heart is content. I made one for Tilly and she loves it! It is a personal design for her and it means more as mummy made it. I made it to her her taste.

Firstly we took the plain Alice band and I added a feather to it, this makes a hair accessory really girly and to cover the stem of the feather I later added some organza bows.

Next I added a giant antique looking rose, Tilly is like most other girls and the bigger the better when it comes to hair pieces so i placed this on top of the feather and then took some smaller flowers to decorate the rest of the alice band. If i was making a head band for myself, I would probably leave it at the rose and the feather as I like it simple but I added more for Tilly.
She loves her new hair band and she wears it all the time - even to school where they had to explain it isnt school uniform!

You can go on to make many other hairpieces for yourself or others by going to  and checking out the Facinators or by taking a look at This hair accessory book . So if you have a special occasion coming up, then try making your own hair accesory.

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