Monday, 9 February 2015

Nanny Violets Jams - Not Just Sweet Jams, But Savory too!

Let me tell you a story of Nanny Violet and her extraordinary Jams she makes. Nanny Violet was born in 1915 and in a few weeks will be celebrating her 100th birthday. She is a true cockney having been born within the sounds of bow bells and her father owned a wet fish restaurant and he taught her how to make jam that he gave to the troops, that he fed free of charge.

Nanny Violet Kept all her recipes in a little black recipe book that her grandson Shaun found 4 years ago. He wanted to make homemade gifts for his friends and family and asked Nanny Violet to teach him how to make the jams. His gifts were such a success that in the following year, the people who had received the jams as a gift, wanted them to give as gifts from themselves. And so Nanny Violets Jams was born.

It is run by Nannys grandchildren Jodie and Shaun and all the produce is grown in the Forest of Dean and made there too. I am a big believer in local sourced produce and this makes the produce more appeal-able to me.

We were asked to try out some Jams from Nanny Violet and we chose savory, so we were sent a most beautiful gift set with 5 Relishes/chutneys. we were delighted when it turned up, the box is homemade too and I love homemade items. The box we received was a heart shape one, its perfect for Valentines day or the upcoming Mothers day.

We used our relishes to liven up our cheese and biscuits on a Friday
evening and then we used then with some nacho's and melted cheese. The jars are small but you don't need to
use a lot on your cheese. A small jar actually goes a long way. We also used some relish with a plain bowl of Nacho's and melted cheese, with a pot of relish on the side. The tomato and chilli chutney is a perfect accompaniment with the nacho's.

Although we had savory jams, there are also sweet jams available and if you pop over to Nanny Violets Facebook page you will find details of Valentines gifts and Mothers day gifts. Follow them on Twitter or instagram

Nanny Violet is 100 years old on 3 March 2015, So please pop over to like the page and wish her a very happy birthday on her big day, up until
then there will be loads of old Photos of Nanny Violet over the years.

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