Thursday, 26 February 2015

Personalized Books For Children From Penwizard

When we were asked to design our own book from, I thought it would be a lovely idea because when the older kids were little, I had a book for them with a Winnie the Pooh story. I had wanted to get one for Tilly for quite a while too and I had just never got round to doing it.
I sat down with the little Miss and we had a look at the website at the choices of different stories and Tilly chose The Medieval Princess book. once you choose your book, you get to choose your characters. You can choose what the character looks like and change their hair style and hair colour, If your child wears glasses then the child in the picture can have them too.

Next you get to choose two friends, you can choose any sex and you can decide what they look like. Tilly chose her 21 yr old brother and had him dressed in a Jesters outfit (we didnt tell him until the book arrived) and her 19 year old sister. For the two grown ups she chose her older sister who is 22 and me. So all her     family were in the book making it more special and real for her.

The book arrived within a few days, this was perfect because if you need it quickly for a birthday gift, then you will have it in a few days. It arrived well packaged and the book was perfect. It is a nice long story and it really bought the story to life with her family being in the story. Tilly isnt a big reader, she has the attention span of a flea. But this book grabbed her attention and she enjoyed reading the story. Tilly enjoyed being in a  story with the people she loves and she loved having a book written about her and the adventures she might
have if she played the game........

The story is about Tilly getting a board game and playing it with her brother and sister, something we
 normally do anyway but this game comes to life and they are transported to a magical castle where they have to save the dragon and the castle from the evil queen. We have to read the book a lot and she still chuckles at her brother in the jester outfit!

The book was sent to us from and they offer a whole range of books from Peppa Pig to In The Night Garden. They offer the books in paperback or hardback, We were sent a paper back copy for review. When you pay for the book you can use your debit/credit card or you also have the option of paying with Paypal, Which I like because the money comes from your Paypal account or bank account. I find this method easier to pay with. This book makes a perfect birthday gift for your child or a friend.

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