Friday, 27 February 2015

Stay Young And Fresh Looking With Rejuve Me

Sometimes life gets in the way of your beauty regime and getting all the goodness you need to keep your skin young looking and fresh, Yes I am talking from experience. I dont drink enough water and I never get time to help myself look good! I am constantly tired but I really think that comes as part of being someones mummy.

Whilst at the Anti-Ageing Show press event, I met Nicky who Told me about RejuveMe and the new product called Evergreen which is a new plant-based beauty & detox supplement specifically formulated to combat signs of premature ageing, fatigue and tiredness. EverGreen is densely packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support healthy looking skin, hair and nails.

EverGreen is a blend of high grade matcha green tea, barley grass, pine bark extract and spirulina, naturally sweetened with stevia leaf. Mix two heaped teaspoons of EverGreen powder in water (or coconut water, almond or rice milk) and enjoy it’s refreshing taste and start to radiate your inner health.

Untitled-1I was sent a tin of  Evergreen to try at home, You open the tin and there are individual sachets inside, this is fab as it means the powder stays fresh as you only need to open them as you need them, but also if you go away for the weekend or overnight, you can just grab a sachet and pop it in your overnight bag. You mix 2 teaspoons of powder and 400mls of water to it and simply stir and drink. At first the drink smells of green tea, but it actually contains as much goodness as 5 cups of green tea! You have to look further than the green colour, that could be a bit off putting but the drink itself is so packed of goodness that you just drink it. It tastes like green tea, which most of us have drunk in the past.

Why should you take Evergreen daily?

  • It helps to combat the first signs of premature ageing
  • It helps to reduce the tiredness and fatigue you suffer from
  • It helps to burn fat
  • There are no artificial colours or preservatives as it is a plant based product
  • It contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements for skin, hair & nails
You can buy Evergreen from for £39.99 and as soon as you make your order, delivery will take between 2-4 days. 

This product is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mums, but is perfect for a pick me up after you have had a child as it was designed by a working mum of twins who was always tired and needed a pick me up. Its a perfect Detox and after a couple of weeks of taking this you will feel so much better and after a month, you will feel remarkably better.



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