Friday, 20 February 2015

The monster That Ate My Socks - A Book Review

Parents are always nagging our kids about losing socks or ruining socks, Quite often I even jokingly talk about a sock monster! We were asked to read 'The Monster that Ate My Socks' and from the moment I opened the book to read to Tilly, she loved it. I found myself feeling familiar with the Mom and sympathising with her over the Socks. I swear we have a sock monster in our house too. The illustrations were lovely and bought the monster to life, they were Bright, Bold and fun! They helped us feel a real part of the story and the monster wasn't scary at all - He had a family to provide for and instantly you like him because the monsters family is just like your family. A child's life is full of monsters and other imaginative creatures and I think children will connect with this book and it is sure to capture their attention. The book is easy for children to read on their own but it is great for you both to sit and read together. It isn't too long, so children wont get bored with it. At the end of the book there were some questions and lesson plans, that you can go through with your child. The size of the font is ideal and easy for children to read.

Book Details:

Book Title: The Monster That Ate My Socks, written and illustrated by A.J. Cosmo
Category: Children's fiction, 30 pages
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Humor, Monsters
Publisher: Thought Bubble Publishing
Release date: December 2014
Content Rating: G

Book Description:
A young boy, who is about to be grounded for going through so many socks, discovers that a monster has been eating them.

Max is a young boy who is constantly getting in trouble for his socks disappearing. He doesn't know where they go, but he does know that if he doesn't ​do something quickly his mom will ground him for summer. Max soon discovers that a little green monster is sneaking into his room at night and eating his sweaty socks. His mother, of course, doesn't believe him, so Max calls on his best friend to come for a sleepover to catch the monster.They devise a trap and capture the monster only to learn that the creature can speak. It hasn't meant to cause any harm, it's just trying to feed its family. The monster shows them his home and his three little children and begs the boys not to turn them over to the adults. Adults, he says, want to destroy monsters.

The boys are left in a pickle. Allow the monsters to be and get grounded, or turn the monsters in,​ knowing what will happen to them? Neither idea seems good, so they come up with a new plan!

Meet the Author:

A.J. Cosmo's stories are crafted to help parents teach their children ​simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner. By artfully ​marrying beautiful ​illustrations and language, children are challenged to explore his magical worlds. Written for the transitional reader, A.J.' stories allow your child to develop and master a new level of reading.

You can buy the Book from Amazon in print and Kindle form.

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