Friday, 6 March 2015

Bespoke Chocolate Bars From Chocolat Chocolat, Perfect For Mothers Day

Chocolat Chocolat opened in Cambridge in 1999 and although it cannot claim to have the same long history as the city, its range of luxury chocolates are steeped in the traditions of the independent chocolatier. If you go inside the shop, you may be able to watch one of the chocolatiers making their famous sheet chocolate, which is make from the finest Belgian chocolate in a unique french style. Samples are available when they are making their chocolate for you to make sure you can find the perfect chocolate for you.

It isn't just Chocolate that they make and sell either, In the colder months Chocolat Chocolat sells it famous hot chocolate and during the warmer months, they make ice cream which is an essential treat from any warm summer day.

Not only does Chocolat Chocolat sell a tasty range of chocolate, they also do chocolate making and tasting courses where they can teach you more about their chocolate.

Chocolat Chocolat has a range of gifts that look as good as they taste and are full of tastes that excite the palette.

Chocolat ChocolatHowever if you cannot find the perfect gift or want something unique and personal, you can create your own bar. This is available on the website, where you can choose whether you want 1,2 or 3 bars. Once you selected your option, you can choose which type of chocolate you want between, milk, dark, caramel or white. Then you can choice any 3 toppings from a large range or you can get inspiration from their suggested combinations. I was lucky enough to receive some of this
personalized chocolate. when it arrived it was elegantly packaged with a little tag with a handwritten message saying who the chocolate was from. my personalized bar had banana chips popping candy and giant chocolate buttons. when I opened my chocolate I was surprised at how thick the chocolate was as I expected a smaller piece of chocolate. the chocolate itself was very tasty and milky. The toppings are evenly spread in the chocolate and they are deeply embedded into the
chocolate and therefore don't fall off in the post therefore the chocolate is still in perfect condition when it arrives. Overall I feel that this chocolate was a fantastic gift and would recommend Chocolat Chocolat to others.

for more information about Chocolat Chocolat please visit the store or their website at

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