Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dead Girls - A Graphic Novel, A Book Review

Book Sypnosis

Is Primavera a self-replicating cyborg bloodsucker or a poor little dead girl? Ask Ignatz Zwakh when he stops bleeding.

It is 2071 A.D. Forty years ago Cartier Paris cooked a virus that bridged the wetware-software divide. It was sent East to infect the fake Cartier dolls being made by Thai pornocracies. The dolls in turn would infect their male playmates – and make them impotent. Long term genocide à la beau monde.

Revenge was swift. A new virus hit the West. Infected men did not become impotent – quite the opposite – but any daughter born to them turned into a doll at puberty. And what is more, a demonically cute doll that infected other men with a vampire-like bite.

The world was seized by a pandemic of mutant births – a plague of half-human, half-robotic creatures known as DEAD GIRLS whose DNA recombined to adopt the structure of polymers and steel and who possessed superhuman powers.

But who, or what, really started the doll-plague? Revenge does not account for it: something more sinister is happening. Only the doomed teenage lovers Primavera and Ignatz know that hidden between the lines of the infinitely complex programs
that gave the Cartier dolls self-consciousness were the fears, prejudices and secret lusts of the men who created them. The new generation of dolls embody this cruel poison. They embody male desire...................

Zach read this book for us. Comic books seem to be a big thing at the moment and we love nothing better than going round comic book shops. So when we received this book, we were pleased it was a comic book. the book is set in the future and The illustrations make you feel as though your part of the story. The book was easy to get into and he enjoyed reading the book. It is a mans comic and ideal if you like futuristic scifi types of books

The Author

Richard Calder was born in Whitechapel, London in 1956. After studying English Literature at the University of Sussex in the 70's, he travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia and Australia and, upon returning to the UK, subsequently worked in bookselling, independent television and the American Embassy's press office.  After moving from London to Nongkhai, Thailand he became a full-time author in 1990. By 1998 he moved to the Philippines, where he lived for some years before returning to London, he currently lives back where he started life, in the East End of London.

His novels include the 'Dead' trilogy (Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things), Cythera, Frenzetta, The Twist, Malignos, Impakto, Lord Soho, and Babylon.

The Illustrator

Filipino artist Leonardo M Giron lives in Manila. His work - an eclectic, turbocharged mix of Eastern and Western influences - is inspired by Japanese mangakas, such as Shirow Masamune, and DC luminaries, such as Mike Mignola and Eduardo Risso. Richard Calder says: 'Leonardo M Giron's indigenous grasp of the ambience that Manila shares with Bangkok, and his ability to translate this into a unique, manga-like idiom - a kind of "manga+" - makes him perfect for delineating the cyberpunk exuberance and sheer down-and-dirty exoticism of Dead Girls.'

The book can be bought from Amazon or www.Deadgirls.co.uk for £14.99

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