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Donkeys Kite & The Three Little Horses And The Big Bully Donkey **Book Review**

Book Description for The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey (Book 1):

A tale (based on the “Three Little Pigs”) about three little horse brothers who suddenly lose their house that is destroyed by a fire. The young horses are totally alone and thrust into the reality of having to depend on themselves and each other against a bully donkey, who wanders the forest wrecking homes and bullying the other animals. This warm-hearted tale promotes strong values and has a fun premise. Written and humorously illustrated in vivid color throughout by Liana-Melissa Allen, the story is a proven winner for reading aloud to children.

Our Review

This book opens on an incident where the horses run back into the house that is burning down to save their treasured possessions. We teach it to our children that you never go back into a house that's on fire, and I think this part of the story demonstrates the danger. The book then reads a bit like the 3 Little pigs, except instead of a wolf, there is Donkey who has no friends and is a bully! He bully's the Horse family until the Jack gets the better of him, and they soon become firm friends and all live together. Donkey gets into a prediciment whilst bullying Jack and the lesson learned is that bully's never prosper! Bullying is a big thing within schools these days and to have a book about bullying that children will understand is really helpful. It goes on to show that you can be friends with a bully. Many lessons learned in this story

Book Description for Donkey's Kite (Book 2):

The three horses Jack, Max, Lax and their friend Donkey are back!

In Horse Valley, it's a perfect day to go kite flying. Jack, Max, Lax, and Donkey decide to get creative by putting together their own homemade kites. However, Donkey's kite doesn't work. No matter how hard he tries to get it to fly, it just keeps tumbling to the ground. How will poor Donkey get his kite to fly? A friendly goose named Gusty is delighted to help him out.

In this Horse Valley Adventure, Donkey learns not to give up when all seems hopeless. The friends all learn a lesson about helping others and true friendship.

Our Review

This book not only shows you that the friends learn a lesson about true friendship but it also shows that there are people out there that will help you if your in need of it, A valuable lesson for adults as well as children, that people often help you selflessly. The friends are getting carried away and forget to help Donkey, who then gets upset. But all works out in the end when he manages to make his kite with the help of others. quite often we all feel our confidence goes like donkey and we fear we are rubbish at things, but just like Donkey - you should persevere and not give up! the book is a great lesson for kids and Tilly is 5 years old, so she loved reading it with me. The illustrations are lovely and help you to feel part of the book.

Author's Bio:

Liana-Melissa Allen is a young author and illustrator of children's books and books for youth. She has written, illustrated and published six books. Her most recent one is the colorfully illustrated children's book "Donkey's Kite", the second book of "A Horse Valley Adventure" series. The first was "The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey". The lovable cartoon characters, Max, Lax, Jack and Donkey makes them a favorite of first and second grade students. She is now working on her third book of "A Horse Valley Adventure".

The magical world of fantasy has inspired Liana's imagination since as long as she can remember. Part of this was fueled by her dad reading aloud to her every day when she was younger. As a result, reading is her primary passion along with music. These two passions feed her imagination into stories and drawings, which she joyously sketches out into storyboards for a potential book.

Liana-Melissa is also a dedicated classical/jazz pianist, and mostly enjoys older music, especially from the big band era and the 1940's, 50's and 60's. While playing the piano, her imagination often leads to a great amount of improvising. Frequently, Liana will improvise a theme for one of the stories she is writing. Capturing this improvised music became a priority, which ultimately resulted in theme music for "A Horse Valley Adventure". The "Horse Valley" theme will be used for a short animated video featuring her Horse Valley characters.

Liana-Melissa loves to hear from her young readers. Please visit her website at www.lmabooks.com for more information, and to contact her by email. Visit her on Facebook too.

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