Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Murder, Selfishness And Suicide, There Is A Difference!

Here we are again! Depression is in the news once again after the downing of the German wings plane a week ago and now this morning I put my kindle on to see my Facebook feed full of details of Lib Dem candidate Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trent purposely infecting himself with HIV as he thought it might be 'one way to die'. Depression is so easily swept under the carpet for the rest of the time and 'forgotten'

Depression is bought to the top of the news headlines again but for all the WRONG reasons! Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trent Infected himself as he was suicidal and wanted a way to annihilate himself. Sounds like he thought long and hard about this one!..... The problem I have with this is that when people contemplate suicide, they do it on the spur of the moment. They just get to that place in their depression that they just cant see a way out off. They are in a black pit, that you cant describe how bad you feel. Your not even rational enough to make plans to give yourself a long term illness that will eventually take your life - you want out of your life NOW! Not only has this man given himself a long term illness, but he has put others around him at risk too. This is a selfish man who has purposely infected himself with an illness that can so easily be passed on to others.
Screenshot from ITV News Facebook Page

Yes of course he is on medication to prolong his life now....... But hang on? wasn't the idea of him getting the illness, because he wanted to kill himself? So now here he is draining NHS of resources because he made a selfish decision. HIV medication isn't cheap and The cost of the medication he is taking because he purposely made himself ill, could be taking medication away from a terminally ill patient that is ill through no fault of their own.

The word SELFISH comes to mind, but then he is a parliamentary candidate, need we say more.

Now we come to a name that people will remember for a long time to come, not because he suffered from depression but because he was in fact a mass murderer. Andreas Lubitz selfishly took The German Wings Flight down in the Alps as he was suffering from depression. Okay so suffering from depression is a tough illness to deal with and the opportunity for him to kill himself came when His captain left the cockpit to go to the toilet. But what made this different to suicide is that the vile man took 149 innocent people to their graves too, including a 7 month old baby. The last 8 minutes of those peoples lives much of been so scary!

Andreas Lubitz knew he had a problem as he had actively sought medical help for it in the past and all though details are still sketchy, there were sick notes at him home showing he was unfit for work. This man then put all those lives at risk as soon as they entered the plane. He may not of decided to crash that plane until the opportunity arose part way through the flight, but he was putting people at risk as soon as he entered the cockpit.

What this man did wasn't commit suicide, what this man did was in fact commit mass murder!

So two different men, two different countries, two very different backgrounds! what connects them? The fact that between the two of them they have taken peoples perception of depression back 30, 40 or even 50 years! Mental health charities have been campaigning for many years to show that people with mental health problems are not all a menace to society, that they are not all 'murderers with a screw loose'! Mental health charities have campaigned long and hard to show that people with depression are normal people, that they are not dangerous and a threat to society. Mental health awareness has come such a long way over the past few years, and it takes two men to change peoples perception of it. We are all the same, everybody notices the bad in a situation and nobody notices the good. So all the years of bringing mental health out in the open is damaged by 2 selfish people!

A person with depression is only a danger to themselves. A person who takes others with them is a murder, lets not confuse the two!

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