Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Jar Full Of Love

When it comes to getting me gifts, my kids always know that if they get me chocolate or Baileys then they are on to a winner. So this mothers day I expected the same things. I eagerly awaited my bottle of Baileys, with glass in hand but instead was presented something more precious and meaningful than that.

So what did I get? I got a jar with cut out flower shapes and on each of the cut out flower shapes was a reason why Kimmy loved me. This gift didn't cost any money and the fact that the thought had gone into it meant so much to me. They always say that homemade gifts are the best - and even when your child is 22, they are still more special than a home made gift.

The reason behind the jar was that when ever I am feeling down and hit rock bottom, I have to open the jar and read one of the notes. Then as much as I feel like the world is against me and I am stuck in a black pit of despair (yes, depression makes you feel like that) then I take a flower out and read the meaning to myself. Reminding myself that people do care and they do love me for my quirkiness and dare I say, naughtiness.

It was so simple to make, She took a jar and decorated it with glass paints. cut out the flowers and wrote about 40 different reasons why she loves me. Who ever knew you could find forty different reasons to love a person?

The flowers are folded and placed in the jar, some were serious and some were funny and when I am feeling down, I can just reach in and remind myself why my family love me.

Of course you could make your own jar for many other reasons, you could make one for valentines day or you could make one and fill it with treats for your children, so if they are good they can choose an activity from the jar.

Give it a go and make someones day special, It doesn't cost anything, only a bit of your time.

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