Thursday, 16 April 2015

B. Sweet Like Candy Lipsticks - New Cosmetics From The B. Range

This week we saw the launch of an exciting new addition to the B. Range of cosmetics that are exclusively on sale in Superdrug. B. Is an own range and I have covered the cosmetics on my blog before. We have a post about B. Flawless and another one for  B. Vibrant Lip And Cheek Colour. I am a big fan of B. because it is our only cosmetic brand in store that isn't tested on animals and therefore it is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. It is also covered by the 100% money back guarantee, If your not happy with it, return it to superdrug for 100% of your money back. So what have you got to lose? The B. Range in Superdrug is a premium range at a high street price.

So as a Superdrug Insider (A member of Superdrug, who is sent Superdrug own brand Items to try out and write about them) I was sent some items from the new B. Sweet collection.

I was excited when it came into store as it is very girly and so cute! and it even does look like sweets. The new collection is designed on the spring trends of pastels and follows catwalk trends to keep up to the minute fashionable colours within your reach as a customer.

Within the collection is

  • B. Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum £14.99
  • B. Sweet Whipped Blush
  • B. Sweet Lipstick

Firstly the lipsticks, B. Sweet Lipstick is priced at £7.99, It is a creamy texture so doesnt dry out your lips like other lipsticks can and comes in Lollipop, Sherbet Dip and Orange boom.

When I first opened the B. Sweet lipsticks, I really wasnt sure of the colours and I thought maybe they were designed for someone younger than me to wear, but firstly I applied the Orangeboom Colour and I was surprised how much it suited me and actually worked with my dark hair(it may look different when the grey starts coming through again!). The lipstick was creamy in texture and applied really well to my slightly dry lips. Sometimes when I apply lipsticks to my lips, I find I get uneven coverage due to my lips being so dry. The following day I applied the Lollipop lipstick. I have always believed that pink lipsticks were for people with blonde hair, Maybe its the media telling us these things and we take it for granted that its the truth. but I applied the Lollipop pale pink lipstick and again I was instantly pleased with the results.

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