Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cooking For Children (With The Help Of Betty Crocker!)

This term at school little Miss has been learning all about cooking, so she is taking a lot of interest in the kitchen at the moment. Cooking with children not only encourages them to count, it also helps them with reading and most importantly when you cook with your children, you are spending some quality time with them! Being a working mum, I know how important it is to have the quality time. Cooking with little children is great for feeling different textures too and you can talk about where the different ingredients come from.

Tilly has wanted a red velvet cake for a while, so when we were sent the red velvet cake mix to try out she was so over the moon.

Tilly decided to do the baking with her little friend and they had quite a fun afternoon baking! Tilly and her friend took turn in the mixing and with a few simple instructions they followed the recipe easily. This is such an easy recipe and is perfect for a beginner in baking. 

All you need to add is vegetable oil, water and eggs. So here is how they made their wonderful red velvet cake with vanilla icing.
So the girls cracked the eggs, mixed it in with the cooking oil, the water and the cake mix. Making sure all the lumps were gone and the mixture was smooth. Next they poured their mixture into some rectangle cake tins that we had greased to stop the cake sticking to the side. 

The cake would feed up to 12 people so if you make one cake it can take a while to cook, so we popped it into two tins and they cooked slightly faster.

We used some Betty Crocker vanilla icing with sprinkles for the decoration (we all know kids love sprinkles) and they had great fun making a mess with this! Here is the finished result - not bad for a 5 year old! 

Betty Crocker Red Velvet cake mix will feed up to 12 people so it is ideal to make as a birthday cake for someone. With fathers day fast approaching, Why not get your little ones to make daddy a cake? for more information on Betty Crocker cake mixes please pop over to their website where you will find details on products and recipes.

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