Thursday, 23 April 2015

Do Children See Spirits Or Is It Imagination?

Tilly is 5 years old now and she is so full of questions and some of them I find really difficult to talk about. I know she is an imaganative little girl and this is something I have always encouraged her to do, as its all part of being a child. Although it does get a bit out of hand when her imagination goes a bit far and it turns into a lie, that she can make sound so believable.
Recently she has been full of questions about her twin that I miscarried at 9 weeks, she is talking alot about her sister and how she wishes she was still alive to play with her. She Talks about her sister being happy in heaven and that her sister is always smiling. Tilly has asked for a fringe to be cut into her hair because her twin sister has one (spooking you out yet? yes it is me too).

So is this all part of her imagination or is it true about children being psychic? I am a believer in children being able to see things and that her ‘friend’ she had when she was younger called peter was only ever seen by her. Peter was part of our family and always came out with us. So was peter part of her imagination or could she really see Peter? Was Peter imagined because she never had any siblings to play with as hers are alot older or did Tilly see a spirit? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to delve into her little mind and see what goes through her head.

Getting back to her sister, I have to wonder whether she is a figment of Tillys imagination or does she have a little spriti friend? Tilly has started to talk alot about her feelings and how she was very sad when she was in my tummy after her twin flew to heaven and I think she feels cheated that she cant see her sister. She doesn't understand that they have just learnt at school about jesus dying, and then he rose from the dead a few days later, yet she cant get her twin back from heaven.

Is this curiosity to do with her older sister being pregnant? When I found out i was pregnant with twins, we named them Maisie and Daisy, something I have regretted doing as I shouldnt of given them an identity so early in the pregnancy. When one died, we decided that we couldn't call the remaining twin any of the names as it would always feel like one was missing. 

By choosing a different name for Tilly, she was given an individual identity. So when Beth got pregnant she wanted to call her baby Daisy if it was a girl. She said it was as a tribute to the baby.

So is Tilly seeing things? Is she remembering from inside the womb? Or is it Tillys imagination taking over? What do you think?

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