Monday, 20 April 2015

Farmyard Storytime Sounds From

When invited us to Godstone Farm in Surrey for a Story telling day with them and the guys from, we were most excited. Spring is the best time to visit a farm and introduce your little ones to the new animal babies and we always try to make an effort to see the baby lambs over easter.

We arrived at the farm and went into the story telling barn that was covered in haystacks and spring time props - making it the perfect setting for Farmyard story time.

 We took our seat on the haystacks and the children sat in front of the giant
Iphone, before long the story soon began.

The story was read by the girls from Stories And More and whenever they mentioned one of the buttons on they chose a child to come and help them push the button. So if there was a cow in the story, then a child would push the cow button creating a moo sound. This app from can be downloaded to your smartphone. The best thing is that its free!

The app can be used on all Iphones and is so easy to add to your phone. go to the App Store and type in 'Storytime Sounds' into the search bar. Click the install button and then open it once it has been installed. The app gives you lots of different option for story time sounds. You have the Farmyard sounds, Dinosaurs sounds, Pirates, space sounds and many more. Previously we reviewed the Halloween sounds and the post can be found  here.

The app is really good for you to make your own stories up with your child. You can use your imagination and make the story up as you go along. Or use the app side by side with a story book at bedtime.

So grab your Iphone and download the app today and enjoy some farmyard fun with your little ones.

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