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StenaLine Offer A Free Companion Ticket When You Travel With Them,

A couple of months ago, we went on a small trip to Ireland with Stenaline and we had the most amazing trip there and back. The ship is equipped with a really good kids area for your little ones if you are travelling in the day and also an onboard cinema. The cabins are spacious and comfortable if your travelling overnight and even if you have a day or evening crossing, you can still book a cabin for some privacy. Our trip can be found here.

One of the most important choices we have to make before taking a trip with someone has less to do with the location and everything to do with who your perfect travel partner is.

An agreeable plus one can make or break a holiday so the news that Stena Line is giving everyone who books a car and driver fare, before April 30, the chance to bring a plus one with them for free should be considered carefully.

“When you are planning on spending so much time with someone don’t make the mistake of thinking that your partner, best mate or wingman is the perfect plus one”, said Marc Casey from Stena Line. “Everyone loves a freebie so there will be lots of interest from friends and family wanting to take the free spot and sail away with you but before you say yes check out the Stena Line Guide to Picking the Perfect Plus One to ensure you are making the right decision.”

The Stena Line Guide to Picking the Perfect Plus One

  • My car, my music – there’s nothing more joyful than listening to your favourite bands on a car-cation as you sing along loudly at the top of your voices without a care in the world. But if your plus one’s idea of a holiday soundtrack is princesses of pop and yours is more king of the road then steer clear! Whilst onboard – take advantage of the free WiFi and download music to create your road trip soundtrack.
  • Culture Vulture or Party Animal – pick a partner with your same outlook on life so you can avoid bar hopping or running around the shops when you’d much rather be checking out the museums or weaving baskets at arts and crafts fairs. Whilst onboard – kick off your shoes and upgrade to Stena Line’s premium lounge, Stena Plus where the complimentary drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines plus the personal waiter service, dedicated menu and comfy seating will keep everyone happy.
  • Go boldly forth and explore – taking the car on holiday means you have the option of making unplanned stops and go exploring at your destination so make sure your plus one has a sense of adventure! Whilst onboard – there are loads of spaces to explore and enjoy, you could even take a stroll on the deck as you sail across the Irish Sea. 
  • Snail’s Pace or Speedy Gonzales – some like to slip into a lower gear when on holiday taking their laid back nature to new levels of chilled out. Whilst others like to be busy, buzzing around the shops, attending events and ticking off places of interest on their to-do list. Whilst onboard – there are loads of places filled with comfortable seating to relax in on your journey and the free WiFi will keep you up to date with friends and world news. For even more comfort book a cabin and snooze as you sail.
  •  Penny Pincher or Hey, Big Spender – this is a biggie! Don’t make the mistake of forgetting the budget. Whilst enjoying five courses at the finest restaurants or quaffing champagne at the club is a must-do for some, for others, with an eye on their spending, a pub lunch or home-made picnic is the way to save and have fun at the same time. Whilst onboard – there are great deals available in the onboard shop and offers in the bar and restaurant plus a free cinema and children’s play area.
Stena Line’s latest fare offer which allows everyone who books a car and 
driver fare before April 30, to bring a plus one with them for free, has thrown model Jenny Curran 
into a spin as she tries to work out who to choose – her boyfriend (model Callum Johnston) or her 
best friend (model Zara Shaw)?

To book visit Stena Line’s website
*Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

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