Tuesday, 28 April 2015

This Mummy Has A Social Life

Sometimes Mummy’s need nights out, They don’t happen very often because of childcare and the increasing rise in prices of drinking in a pub or club. My nights out have never been blogged about but they are a part of me and who I am.

So I am now taking the step to write about my nights out with the girls, after all you will see a different side to me when I am out. I am the girl that will drink vodka and lemonade and then get up on the table to dance. I am the girl that always gets told off because she is doing naughty stuff (although I have partners in crime)

Once a month I do get to go out and we go to a little place in the
 country near Canterbury, called Bridge Country Club. It is set in acres of lovely countryside and there are no houses anywhere near it to disturb with the loud music. The perfect setting for a nightclub! This club is about 20 miles from where i live and we get a cab over there, Always using the same cabbie as we trust him and know he will get us home. We arrive before 10pm so we only have to pay £10 entry, after that it costs a fair bit more.

The best thing about it is most months we bump into the same people, so it is friendly. As it is an over 30’s club too, it is so much better than going to a
club full of 18 year olds. I cant talk much about what we get up to in Bridge as me and my girlies have a saying ‘What happens in Bridge, Stays in Bridge’ and besides sometimes I dont even remember what happened!

So yes, this mummy has a social life, she goes out once a month to get out of town and then gets drunk, falls over, gets home with the help of the taxi driver and suffers the next day! I am a mummy but I also have the need to let my hair down and i certainly do that!

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