Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Week One Of The Easter Holidays With A Guilty Mummy And Her 5 Year Old

I absolutely hate it when it comes to school holidays as everyone on my social media talks about the things they are going to do with their kids, Some of my friends are lucky enough to be stay at home mums and others are lucky to work somewhere that means they can take the holidays off, but for parents like me it can be a nightmare trying to sort out childcare and the guilt of not being able to do things with your kids in the holidays as your working.

Since my little bit of a breakdown a few weeks ago, my boss and I mutually agreed that I would stick to my contract hours and avoid any overtime until I get myself back on my feet. So with complete dread I knew the easter holidays were creeping up and I had no idea what to do with Tilly. But would you believe the holidays seem to have come together and we have actually had a few days out. firstly we went to see Mr Tumbles Circus on Easter Saturday. Tilly took her friend and we had a fab time in London, We went to Buckingham palace and waved to the queen, We visited the Disney store and sat in Cinderellas carriage (Oxford Street Disney Store) This was totally free and the girls thought it was magical.

Easter sunday was a day with the family, we didn't go out because we had got home from London at midnight the night before! but it was nice to have Zach home for the day and it was just a shame that Beth wasn't here too, that would of made our family complete. Easter Monday we had a teddy bear picnic on the beach (under a black cloud!)

I had to go to work for a few days over the week but then on friday we had the most amazing day in London. We were invited to Westfields shopping centre to meet Hello Kitty and then we took a bus tour of London with Big Bus London. When you go to a different town or city, there is nothing better than taking a tour as you go to places that you wouldn't normally see and especially if you go somewhere like London because its easier to use the tube to get about.

Then as Kimmy had a day off on Saturday, we decided to have a girlie day out. Once again we left it up to Tilly to decide what she wanted to do, so we found ourselves on a bus in the pouring rain going to Dymchurch beach! Luckily, by the time we got there the sun was poking through the clouds and after a visit to the fair, the sun was blazing so we popped to the beach for some frolics in the sea!

The next day was sunday and after two very busy days we spent it in bed, This mummy is not a teenager anymore and cant keep up with her 5 year old!

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