Saturday, 30 May 2015

I Am The Mummy Who ...............

I was tagged by Leanne from to write the 'I am the mum who........' post and as I have 4 children I wanted to write a little to all of them.

Dear Tilly, I am the mum who

Loves an adventure with you, whether its a speed boat trip down the Thames or Playing the London Game on the tube,

Finds it more fun to screw the rules and breaks them all the time,

Loves our little selfies on my Kindle,

Love it when I pick up my Kindle and you have left me 100's of selfies,

That thinks there is more to life than a 7pm bedtime,

Wishes she didn't have to work so that I could spend more time with you,

Co-slept with you for 5 years and loved it!

Loves the witty comments you come out with,

Tells you off when you do naughty things but laughs when I leave the room because I really found them funny,

Who takes you to the Blue Pub (Wetherspoons) when you ask for dinner out.

Who hates the school gate bitching and cliques,

Dear Kimmy, I am the mum who

Went on holiday to Cardiff and spent 3 days chasing the Dr Who scenes and doing a walking Dr Who tour,

Took you round europe backpacking when you were 12 years old,

That goes out and get drunk and ALWAYS wakes you up when I get home,

Who is lucky to have you to help out with Tilly without any moaning or complaining,

grew up with you and counts you as one of my best friends

Dear Zachy, I am the mum who

Worries about you everytime you go out drinking,

Is so proud of you and all you have achieved so far,

Worried about you everyday you lived in Norway!

Cherishes every moment I see you spend with you little sister, Not every young man wants to spend his spare time with a 5 year old,

Is proud of how you have turned into such an awesome young man, without a father figure in your life.

Dear Bethy I am the mum who

Can see you making the same mistakes I made, but hopefully I can guide you with my experience.

Is so looking forward to being a grandma in August,

Gets scared when I see how stubborn and alike we are!

Wants you to know that no matter how much we argue, I will NEVER walk away, I am here for you through thick and thin!

Is a Rebel! (remembering the red shoes to school incident)

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