Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Keep Calm I'm Pregnant Maternity Top Review From Happy Mum London

A guest post from Bethany

Due to living in the country and there being a lack of shops that sell fashionable maternity clothes for younger mums-to-be and the last thing a pregnant lady wants to do it walk round loads of different shops trying to find something to wear! I found an online shop that sells everything a pregnant and nursing mum could want, online shopping means you can browse and click to order whilst sat in front of the tv with a cuppa.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Keep Calm Maternity T-shirt from Happy Mum London .This top is made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane making this top really comfortable to wear, I noticed the support around my bump, unlike non-maternity clothing. I really liked that. This top is unlike some other long sleeved tops when pulling the sleeves up to my elbows, it didn't feel tight on the joint.

The Keep calm slogan has been popular for a few years again now, and this top simply tells the world that you're pregnant. It is fashionable and all the mums at my 'Bumps to babes' group all admired my t-shirt and asked where I got it from. They said they loved the 'Keep calm' design and it looked really comfortable. I think I would have to say that i felt like the logo would have been better placed a little lower, as where the 'im pregnant' writing on the design was, it was often hidden by the dip where my bump ended and my breasts started, but everybody's body is a different shape and everyone's baby bump is different so where it was hidden on my top, it might not be on another yummy mummy.
Being a girly girl, I really liked that the design was pink, and also, having a girl, the pink made the fact I was
having a girl more obvious to the outside world.

The top from www.happymum.london is priced at £38 and they offer next day delivery if you're in a rush for something to wear. After all, when we see something we always want it straight away. It comes in a protective
bag complete with tag.

Do you have trouble finding maternity and breastfeeding clothes?

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