Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Wall Stickers Review - Personalised Wall Stickers

We have a saying in our house 'I love you to Gallifrey and back', We say this because Gallifrey (Dt Who's Home planet) is further than the moon. It is a unique meaning to us and it makes it so special to say it. So when we were approached by we knew exactly what saying we wanted on our sticker.
It was so easy to do, you pop over to the website and click on the 'Personalised - Create your own!' tab and it takes you to the page where you can put in your own quote. Prices for these personalised stickers start at £17.99, but ours cost £21.99 and it is great value.
You can choose the font and the colour of the font. We went for Tardis Blue, to finish the Dr Who effect.

Our sticker arrived within a few days and was sent in a cylinder package so that the sticker wasn't creased in transit. There was also a tool to help you smooth down your sticker and stop you getting any air bubbles in the sticker when you apply it.

Putting the sticker up was so easy, make sure your wall is free from dirt and dust (this could get trapped underneath the sticker causing problems applying it) and you carefully stick the sticker to the wall. Whilst keeping the white backing on the sticker. Once it is applied you smooth down any air bubbles with the tool and makes sure it is completely smooth. When this is done, you start carefully removing the white backing paper. Making sure the sticker stays stuck to the wall. Go slowly because if you rush - thats where mistakes happen.

When the white backing paper has been taken off, you will be able to see your sticker completely finished and looking good.

We love our sticker, its personal to us and we know nobody has this sticker. Its unique. There are many other wall stickers available at and you can choose from fairys to sport. They offer free delivery over £40 and its only £3.50 for orders less than that. The delivery is quick and you will have your sticker within a couple of days. Follow them on Facebook for up to date news and competitions

Are we happy with our wall sticker? We love it! Do you have a favourite saying?

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