Saturday, 9 May 2015

Not Another General Election Article........... An Open Letter To David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

Firstly congratulations on entering number 10 again for the next 5 years, I am not sure how you got there because not many people I know voted for Conservatives in fact i know alot of people and only a handful of people voted conservative. But then my circle of friends live a completely different way of life that your circle of friends live in.

My circle of friends live hand to mouth everyday hoping that something will improve, My circle of friends live in the real world Mr Cameron, We struggle on a daily basis and that struggle has only got worse since you came to power and cut the benefits for families in need. Families don't choose to live on the breadline and quite often fall into the benefit system through circumstances - not choice.

So now the future is looking even bleaker for the 'normal' people of Great Britain with your ideas of more benefits cuts and cuts to the NHS! so we expect mortality to rise over the next 5 years but we shouldn't worry because as long as we can buy a big house, then we wont have to worry about mansion tax anymore! that will save the rich people a few more quid - They can use that money to go fox hunting when you change the law to drop the ban.

Dont even get me started on the bedroom tax! I suppose it was a good idea at the time to find a new tax to throw at us. After all isn't that what conservatives are good at? inventing new taxes? Whenever there is a conservative government the rich seem to get richer and the poor get even poorer.

Lets get back to the benefits system, Yes some of your policies are good. Getting mums back to work instead of signing on, although it works in principle it doesn't work in real life. People can get a job for a zero hour contract, that seems to be fashionable for companies at the moment. It means if you work less than 16 hours a week, you still have to sign on, then these struggling parents go to sign on and get nagged at to find a better job with more hours. But it is a catch 22 situation because most jobs are offering zero hour contracts AGAIN! You just cant win for trying! Then companies with zero hour contracts seem to think that they can give employees hours that don't suit their childcare! And don't even get me started on the price of childcare! the availability of childcare and the quality of childcare. So is it any wonder that mums find it hard to go back to work? Yet still the benefits agency put more and more pressure on mums. Another thing that is hard for many families these days is feeding their families, the amount of people using food banks has grown so much over the past couple of years. People are relying on charity to feed them - I have had to use a food bank and it makes you feel like a failure to have to go somewhere like that to get food! have you ever used one? No I didn't think so!

Whilst we are at it, what's with the cuts in disability benefits? How dare you decide who is disabled and who isn't! What gives you the right to play god with people and humiliate them to go for a yearly assessment With ATOS, Do you not realise how humiliating this is for people to go to and tell a member of staff (that isn't even a doctor) about the trials of their life. after a 30 minute assessment, these people then think they know you well enough to decide your fate and even though you're suffering from MS or something similar, you still get deemed fit for work!

I know personally about these meetings. After I had my last child I was ill with severe PND, I had to cut my hours at work and spoke to the Benefits Agency, told them my situation and said I would still be working one day a week, I asked for Income support and THEY decided I should be on ESA, I begged them not to label me like that and I wasn't listened to! So i found myself on ESA and having to do the dreaded ATOS assessments myself. I was told I had to go back to work properly and here I am a year later having had a breakdown recently and struggling on a daily basis with hours to fit around my childcare! I get up at 5.30am 3 days a week and get home at 7pm. Luckily I have friends to help me. But its ok, your ATOS worker deemed me fit for work so dont worry about my family suffering with the stress that is put on us everyday of our lives, you just worry about yourself and your rich friends that will benefit from you being in Number 10!

You have not made this term easy for yourself Mr Cameron. Trampling over the general public to get what you want is not big, it's not clever and it's not making you popular. Make yourself ready for 5 years of demonstrations and resentment because that it what you have bought on yourself!

Your Sincerely

A struggling mum!

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