Saturday, 23 May 2015

Please Help A Family Win A Garden Makeover

Without my friend Eileen and her supportive family (as well as Kim) I wouldn't be able to go out and work. She often has tilly for me at the drop of a hat if I am delayed on my way home from work and more often than not, because I have forgotten to sort childcare for Tilly.

Eileen is a full time carer for her husband Ken, who has ME as well as other illnesses and is unable to work. He is virtually housebound and when he is well enough to go out, he has the use of his mobility scooter. The mobility scooter is housed in a ramshackle shed that is falling down around the scooter. There were mice in the shed, but they got up and moved out due to the living conditions of the shed.

Eileen also finds time in her day to look after her mother who has dementia and still lives in her own home on the other side of town.

Ken doesn't use the garden as it needs some work doing to it. There is nothing to look at out there and we have all heard about colour therapy and how it makes us feel better, so if their garden had a makeover it would make such a difference to their lives. Ken would be able to entertain visitors in his garden and have something to be proud of.

Eileen has always been part of the community and for many years was involved with the local school organising fundraising. Now its time to give back to eileen

That is why I would like to use the power of blogging to ask all my readers to click the link below and vote for this family to have a garden to enjoy.

There are no forms to fill in, it literally is just a click. Thank you

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