Monday, 25 May 2015

The London Game - Playing For Real On The Underground Trains

Last Christmas Kimmy received a board game from Zach called The London Game, Its a game we have played over the years and it has helped the kids to understand the underground. Even Tilly is confident when we go on the underground now. At the start of the year,

I made a blog bucket list for the year and one of the things I wanted to do was play the London Game for real. Childish I know, but fun all the same. The idea of the game is to choose 6 cards and you work your way around the board by stopping at all the stations that you have cards for. The winner is the first person to get back to the station they started at

So a few weekends ago we decided we would play the underground game for real, We chose 6 cards and Kimmy went off on her own, whilst I had to take Tilly too (tactical move from Kim as she knew Tilly would slow me down!) We started at St pancras and then went on our way.

My stations were

  • London Bridge
  • Elephant and Castle
  • Monument
  • Mansion House
  • Baker Street
Luckily most of mine were on the same line and it was easy to complete. If I was lucky enough I could get Tilly to pop her head out of the door and catch the underground sign in the background. Other stations we had to get off and change the line (I was so glad we don't have to worry about a buggy these days!)

So here we are- 6 pictures of evidence we made it along the underground, showing we stopped at all of the stops and managed to complete it. unfortunately we just weren't fast enough and Kim got back to St Pancras before us. A good game was had by all!

Obviously we played this in complete safeness, there was no running around in the underground stations. 

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