Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tilly Goes Back To School

Tilly went back to school yesterday and I must admit that as much as I love having my child around, Its so nice to have her back at school!

After a week of having a bored 5 year old at home, my home now has stickers on my newly painted wall in the front room. I could of cried but this was only the start of her mischievous doings! 

There are now stickers on my wooden wardrobe, There is drawing on my bedroom wall along with stickers - in all of her 5 years she has never drawn on the walls! and she had wiped something over my wall, I have no idea what! but it won't come off :/

There was cardboard shoved down the bath plug hole and I came home from work one day to find she had adopted a pet. She was sat on the sofa watching kids Tv and her pet SNAIL was on the arm of the sofa! horrified doesn't even start to describe how I felt.
The snail, safely back in the garden
So we breathed a sigh of relief and sent the very bored little girl back to her place of learning and kim and I went to Wetherspoons for a spot of brekkie and enjoyed the peace and quiet before we had to go home and clean the house after the tornado had spent the week at home!

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