Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tilly Has Chicken Pox

Little Miss Tilly has chicken pox, looking back over the past week or so, the signs were there but I chose not to take any notice because these days they are so hard to miss with many other things going on in a kids life. Because she has Asthma, I have really hoped over the last 5 years that she will never get chicken pox in the winter. Her asthma is worse then and the thought of her having the pox on top of that worried me. At
least she has them whilst the weather is good and she can sit in the garden this week.

Kim and I had a bit of a giggle this afternoon when we looked back at all the things we had said to Tilly over the past week, when she was trying to tell us she wasn't well :/

Mummy I have a headache! Well if you went to sleep at night you wouldn't get headaches!
Mummy I feel sick! Well go to the bathroom, you wouldn't feel sick if you didn't eat so many sweets!
Mummy my legs hurt! Thats called growing pains, everyone gets them.
Mummy I am not hungry! Well if you dont eat it, you not having a pudding and you can eat your dinner tomorrow for lunch.
Mummy I have a tummy ache! Stop faking and just get ready for school.
Mummy I have a sore spot on my leg! Oh Never mind, I will get you some cream
Mummy, I just need an afternoon nap! Good, I can have one too.
Mummy, I have a cough and my throat hurts, Man up Tilly, its a cold!
Mummy I have an itchy back! Let me see.......Whoops!

So off to the doctors we went, had it confirmed, Oh my days i havent had to deal with chicken pox in nearly 20 years. I have forgotten what to do! haha. Luckily the doctor gave us a print out to read, but sometimes i feel like a first time mum when things like this happen and I have forgotten how to deal with it!

So here we are. Tilly is housebound until they scab over and her new best friend has become calamine lotion and cotton wool. My work are helping with the shift pattern and have re arranged work tomorrow and Tillys siblings are pitching in to help with childcare.

Tilly isn't ill in herself so i have a feeling it is going to be 2 weeks of an active little girl getting under my feet!.............

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