Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tillys New Wardrobe From Barnardo's

It comes to the time of the year where the seasons are changing and Little Miss needs a new summer wardrobe. Kids grow so fast and they grow out of their clothes so quickly. So quite often you can spend up to £20 on a dress that will last a couple of months. When the older kids were little, I used to buy clothes that were a size too big so they would get too seasons of wear out of them. They also grew up with clothes from jumble sales and charity shops. I was always jealous of other mums that could afford new clothes for their kids and mine had to make do and mend, but these days if you don't get anything from a charity shop or car boot sale then your not normal!

With upcycling and recycling becoming more and more popular these days, charity shops seem to be the place to shop. Any savvy charity shopper can spot a designer label from 10 metres away and grab themselves a bargain ..... me? I wouldn't recognise one if it hit me in the face! I go for how an item of clothing looks, not its label or fashion status.

This summer with Tilly having a growth spurt and having to buy new clothes on such a budget, I went charity shop shopping. I always shop in my local Barnardo's shop in Deal and I got the most gorgeous dresses for £1.99 each and Miss Tilly loved modelling them.

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