Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Camping Dress Rehearsal ....... A Disaster

We are going camping at the weekend, and i thought to myself that this would be great! we will have some fun and we will have a bit of girly bonding time together. Sometimes when I sort these things out, I don't think of the consequences and I don't think how hard it is going to be!

We used to go camping a lot when the older kids were little as it is a cheap holiday and back then I was a cool mum who was with one with nature, Now give me a bed in a swanky hotel and I am happy. Anyway, I told Tilly we were going camping and she was quite excited to go. But I don't think she understands the reality of camping, So in order to prepare her for next weekend I found her a backpack in the attic that had belonged to Beth when she was younger. filled it with a sleeping bag and got her to walk to town with it on her back...... all went well until she got half a mile and decided to stop as she needed a rest, then moaning all the way to town about how unfair it was having to carry her stuff and how she knows I will end up carrying her stuff when we go away anyway.

We found a tent in the attic, It was only a cheap one and I remember buying it from the Tesco basic brand about 7 years ago for a fiver. I had bought it for the older kids to play in the garden. Thats a job well done, i told myself as I put the tent up and realised it didn't even come with guy ropes! I guess it really was a budget tent.

We popped our sleeping  bags in the tent and we were set for a night out in the garden - our dress rehearsal for the weekend. It was up all afternoon and Tilly kept going in and out but as she didn't open the zipper enough, she kept getting her hair caught up. No matter how many times we told her to open the zipper fully, she just never listened. So was it really a surprise when she got loads of hair caught in the zipper and I thought I was going to have to cut it out. But I actually used some patience and I pulled the hair out a few strands at a time and it came free without the need for scissors ...... Phew!

So she went to bed and finally fell asleep at 10.45PM, I honestly thought she was never going to sleep. As for me I never slept at all. I have realised why this tent was only a fiver from tesco at the time! I have never been so cold. The tent only has one skin and it kept no cold out what so ever! I actually went in the house to grab an extra two duvets to pop on the fop of the sleeping bag and duvet that we already had out there!

I finally drifted off about 4.30AM! This camping lark is hard work and I am so glad we had a practice run before the weekend

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