Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Big First Aid Lesson from St Johns Ambulance - Getting Schools Involved

On a recent survey done by St Johns Ambulance, it emerged that 87% of parents feel their child should be taught basic first aid in their school as part of the national curriculum. 60% of children have no life saving knowledge at all and that is slightly worrying if you alone with your child and you stop breathing or choke on something - they are the only ones around to help you.

St Johns Ambulance is urging parents to back its Big First Aid Lesson, that is hosted by Claudia Winkleman and to be streamed live in to classrooms across the country. We all know that there is no better power than parent power!

St Johns Ambulance are asking us as parents to speak to the school and encourage them to sign up for the free lesson and watch the free webinar streamed live into school at 2pm on Friday June 12th 2015. So far 1300 schools have signed up and that means the 1 hour lesson will be shown to over 200,000 children. But there is still time to sign up more.

All the school needs to participate in this 1 hour lesson is an internet connection with good bandwidth and a white screen, so the children can watch it in their lesson. The lessons will show the children real life stories of 999 scenarios as well as giving the children an opportunity to join in by using Google Hangouts. This is aimed at children from age 6 to 16, Although I will ensure Tilly who is five years old watched the video too.

The summer holidays are coming up and we all know how adventurous children are, whether they go off to the play park or swimming on their own and if an accident was to occur, how many of them would know what to do? Sure every child knows how to dial 999, we instill it in our children from an early age but we don't teach them about the basic first aid skills they also need to use until an ambulance arrives.

Recently in the News 10 year old Bethany Simpson saved her stepdads life with skills she had learnt at school 2 weeks previously with St Johns Ambulance. Her stepdad stopped breathing and she performed CPR on him until the ambulance arrived. How many of us would even know how to do this as adults?

So what about it guys? shall we use our parent power and ask our schools to get involved in the Big First Aid Lesson? and help to educate our children to save a life? Its totally free and there are resources online to print off and use along with the lesson and there will be quizzes as they go along in the lesson.

For every one school that gets involved, that is a couple more hundred kids at least being educated! Details can be found athttp://www.sja.org.uk/sja/young-people/schools/the-big-first-aid-lesson-2015.aspx

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