Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Choosing A Stroller For A Little Girl

6 years ago this week, I found out I was expecting Tilly. The first thing I wanted to do was go pram shopping, Its the biggest expense when you have a baby. I wanted everything, In fact at one stage I had a travel system, A stroller and a jogger style pram! Prams and pushchairs had changed so much since the older kids were little and now as I look at a stroller to keep at our house for when grandbaby Hall-Newman arrives, I find myself looking for a stroller to keep at our house for when the family visit from Gloucester. We all know that when you have a baby, its such a mammoth task to get out the house and you end up taking half the house with you. So to leave a stroller at my house is the perfect answer!

So I find myself looking for a simple stroller, What do we need?

  • I am not very tall, so we need a stroller that is for a shorter person
  • The baby is due in August so one with a cosy toes for when the colder weather sets in.
  • I want a stroller suitable from birth
  • The stroller needs to be compact when folded as I live in such a small house and I need to store it away. 
  • It needs to be a good brand that I have heard good reviews about.
  • It needs to suit my budget
  • A reasonable sized shopping basket would be handy
  • I like strollers with two handles as opposed to one long handle!
  • It has to be girlie!
So what did I choose?

I love this OBaby Metis Stroller in Cottage Rose, It oozes girliness, It has a cosy toes and head support and matching shoulder strap supports. The raincover is included and even has a matching trim to the stroller. 

There is a storage pocket at the back to pop in your mobile phone and your purse (I found this so handy on my stroller, when Tilly was a baby) and there is a parent window so you can see your little cherub, Something I had on my stroller with Tilly and it puts your mind at rest as you're walking along (especially if baby is asleep) The stroller has swivel wheels for ease of pushing and it has an extra wide seat - perfect for when my granddaughter is growing - There is nothing worse than a buggy that isn't very wide and the child soon outgrows it

The stroller is wipe clean, perfect for when I spoil her, after all that's what grandma's do! 

The stroller is within a budget and it costs £124.99, perfect for grandma's house! This stroller is available from Kiddisave and Amazon. 

Being a blogger now, I love reading other peoples reviews on items before I buy them. These reviews are true to life and you know you're going to get an honest review. My latest favourite site for pram and stroller reviews is which is brand new site launched earlier this year. Not only does Carla give you helpful advice about what to take into consideration when buying your pram or stroller, but she also offers some reviews and can even tell you the top pram to buy from Amazon, complete with specifications.

Where do you go for your pram advice? What is your favourite stroller?

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