Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dear Katie Hopkins, An Open Letter

Dear Katie Hopkins,

You really are Number One Bitch! Do you think it is cool to be the most hated woman in the country? because let's face it, being a bitch is so uncool.

Yes we live in a free world where we can speak as we want, but when it comes at a cost of upsetting mothers all over the country, then I personally want to see you hated. So now you have decided that mothers lucky enough to stay at home are just 'unemployed'? have you looked into their situation? wouldn't it be nice if you actually spoke to some mothers and asked them why they chose to become a full time stay at home mum, then I am sure they could enlighten you to some home truths about the hardships of being a working mother!

Yes of course you like to count yourself as a working mother - if you call being the most hated woman in the country, a job! But then how much support do you have with your children (isn't one named after a country? How common). I am sure you have childcare racked up and loads of supportive family - Not many people have this luxury, some parents are alone and struggling to bring their children up, throwing a job into the equation when you have to get 3 children to 2 different schools by 9am and another to a childminder. Your stressed before you even start your working day. You just want to sit there and cry, because you feel like a failure. When you work and you have to leave your child at random friends houses from 7am until 7pm because you work out of town. Then it makes you want to be a stay at home mum! I would rather be at home to hear my child read her school books to me instead of working. I would rather watch my child play than be at work! surely Ms Hopkins you would too. but being a stay at home mummy doesn't mean that you're unemployed, it means that your staying at home because it really isn't easy for you to work or it means you're staying at home because you feel you're giving your child the best future that you think you can. Children with parents at home do often actually get a better childhood than a parent that works. I know for a fact that quite often my child will go to school with cornflakes in her hair, odd socks and a dress in need of an iron, because I haven't had time to sort it out before I go to work. I yearn to be a SAHM, In fact I am jealous of people able to stay at home.

Nobody should ever be judged on their parenting ideas or skills! Quite often people speak out because they are jealous, is this the case? are you jealous of these parents?

As for the breastfeeding comments. You really don't have a maternal  bone in your body do you? How very dare you criticise people for breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding your baby. It helps mothers and baby to bond and if your body is offering milk to a child, then a mother will embrace that fact and if she wants to let the whole world to know then good on her! Well done to Tamara Ecclestone for feeding her baby so publicly and so naturally.

It offends you? well feel free to leave out the nearest door but don't let it hit you on the way out. So when your children come to you and say they want to breastfeed, will you tell them that its vile and horrible and that 'Their sort shouldn't be free to breed' (as said by you on twitter) or will you support them?

I have to wonder why as a mother, you would be against something so natural? is it because you're trying to climb some kind of ladder and you want to be in the 'boys' club? your
opinion really does come out of an old fashion manual for men. Yes being a bitch has made people talk about you..... but take a step back love! would you like people to talk about you because they like you or because every time you open your mouth - venom comes out!

Well i bid you farewell, no doubt my news feed will be filled with your vile remarks and comments. Yes you cause scandal and it sells papers but nobody likes a bully!

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