Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dear Stagecoach ......... AGAIN!

Dear Stagecoach ........

Yohoo, Its me again! yes 'that' blogger!

Today I was waiting for a bus outside the town hall in Deal and we saw the bus go straight along the seafront, instead of the usual route if should of done. I may of been a few minutes late to the bus stop, but that's how I could see it go along the WRONG road.

There were 7 people at the bus stop waiting for the bus in what has been the hottest day of the year so far. 5 of these were elderly people with heavy (and frozen) shopping. I phoned Stagecoach up (once again at my own cost) to find out what had happened. I was told that I should be able to see the road works from the bus stop, but the road works were actually 2 bus stops down and I stupidly left my X-ray specs at home this morning. I was concerned for the elderly people who had waited up to nearly half an hour at this point. The lady on the customer service number did say she would get someone to come and put a notice on the bus stop, but the passengers had to wait for the next bus and go to a stop back in town. She then told me she could see what she could do for the people waiting at the bus stop. So I got the elderly to take a seat in the shade under the town hall and RUDEST stagecoach member of staff ever called Ian?? I answered the call and he said 'I got told to phone ya, What do ya want!'  really not appropriate telephone answering. I explained the situation and  shouted me down over the phone, his tone was threatening and he was that loud that the people who were sat around could hear the conversation.

He told me that the people would have to get a cab at their own cost (by this time there were only two
people who felt unable to walk in the unbearable heat with their shopping.). He told me that they didn't know until earlier in the day about the road closure and that they WOULDN'T be sending anyone to close the bus stop down. I was appalled with this attitude to customer service, as were the people around me who could hear him shouting down the phone. I asked him what was going to happen when in half an hour more elderly people waited for the bus in the burning heat and they had no idea the bus wasn't going to stop there. He simply said they would have to get the bus from somewhere else. Again I asked him if they were going to put a sign on the bus stop to say it was closed and he told me it would take him an hour to get there and close the bus stop down. Is this a joke? it only takes 40 minutes on the flipping bus and that accounts for it to keep stop and starting for passengers.

But its OK Stagecoach, I took my own initiative and left a note on the bus stop so that no other unfortunate elderly people or even worse, kids trying to get home - didn't waste their time waiting for the bus in the scorching sun. From the photo you can see what was written and it gave more information that stagecoach itself gave. I even made sure that a taxi arrived for these ladies and that they got dropped off near to their home, before we went home ourselves.

I am absolutely appalled for this to have happened on the hottest day of the year! A little compassion from you 'Ian' would of gone a long way! The lady at the customer services tried to help as much as she can but she explained her hands were tied and she didn't have any authority. I was also told to email stagecoach, but after replying to an email from a member of staff in Pencester, I never got a reply. So this is the only way that it seems to get the attention of the Stagecoach company.

I will be invoicing Stagecoach for my admin work I did today, by placing the sign on the bus timetable. I feel it was the sensible thing to do as 'Ian' had made it clear that nobody else would be closing the bus stop.

Stagecoach you need to sort out your customer services!

From a pretty pissed off passenger

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