Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dear Stagecoach Buses...................

Dear Stagecoach buses

As if having to commute an hour and a half to work in an hour and a half home again in the evening wasn't hard enough , last night it took me an amazing three hours to get home !

 I left work at 5:30 as I always do on Friday and went straight to the bus stop in Folkestone to get the bus . To my slight disappointment I saw the 5.34 Bus go early and waited patiently for the 1750 bus . Every time I have to get the 5.50 bus I know that I only have two minutes between connection times in Dover to catch the last bus to deal . I mean really guys the last bus to deal at 6:17 ?? Does Stagecoach think people in Deal don't want to be out later in the night

Only last night the 5.50 left Folkestone five minutes late I got to Dover too late to get the last bus home ! While I was on the bus I tried to ring Stagecoach that found the office closed at 5 PM. So I tweeted them, only to not get a reply! Although the next day i got a reply to say that there was nobody available to answer me (even though they announced a competition winner at the same time). I thought to myself 'I know, I will tweet Stagecoach because I have seen companies helping people on twitter when they are stuck'

So here I was, I found myself stranded in Dover after being at work all day with no money and the mobile phone  hardly any battery left! I took a look at the express coach tracker to see when the National Express bus would be here. As usual it was running half an hour late due to traffic problems coming out of London .

So I sat on the bench contemplating what my next move would be and wondering how far it would be to
walk, I sat with loud teenagers and had to endure conversations with some drunk tramps! Dover can be a scary place, when you're stuck there penniless!

I saw a 15 bus arrive on route to Canterbury and asked the driver if I would be able to get a bus from Canterbury to Deal if I went there. He was extremely helpful, listening to my ramblings and he told me his bus turned into a 13a once he got to Canterbury and I would eventually get home to put my 5 year old home to bed!

Once in my life, there were times when I would go out and party on a Friday night. These days it seems my Friday night's are spent having to pay extra to get a train home meaning I am out of pocket or like last night spending the night touring east Kent villages. And to be honest, I am a bit sick of this now! I know it's my choice to work in folkestone. I know it's my choice to travel by bus but of there was a job with my company closer, I would take it. And if I could afford the train everyday, I would indeed be taking that!

To make matters worse I was desperate for the loo, I was starving hungry (thank god for the 5p bag of crisps and the 25p chocolate bar I had bought from superdrug. I had to share my bus ride with a young man picking his nose, a hen party on the way to Canterbury, a creepy guy who kept looking at me, the token beer drinking bloke and listen to endless one-sided telephone calls whilst feeling very travel sick!

My only relief was to make fun of the situation and post updates on my social media, interacting with my friends actually kept me sane!

I have mentioned to Stagecoach drivers on many occasions about the fact that Stagecoach don't give people enough time to finish work in  places like folkestone and get a last bus home, but it falls upon deaf ears. I have.even been on the last bus to Deal before and the bus driver has been told to go once the connecting bus from Canterbury gets in. Even if the bus gets in early! Luckily the drivers have said they will wait and leave at the right time.

So Stagecoach buses, what are you going to do? It's ridiculous that the last bus to deal is so early from Dover. It's stupid that a Stagecoach bus running 5 minutes late can make the difference between getting home or not! Why would your telephone switch off at 5pm? Do you assume people ppl let won't need help after then? I have phoned your Office many times in the evening with problems getting home and asking advice..... not once have Stagecoach phoned back to ask if I got home!

Stagecoach, I ask you - how are you going to improve your services?

From a tired, travel sick and disappointed working mummy

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