Friday, 26 June 2015

Tavelodge...... Because its Tavelodgical! - Where To Stay In London #Staycations

I had a big blogging weekend in London to look forward to and as it was a conference spread over two days, I really needed to find somewhere to stay. That is where Travelodge stepped in and offered us a room for two nights.

The hotel with the bus stop right outside
I was offered a room in the travelodge in City road, walking distance from the event and two tube stops down from St Pancras, where I got the train to. The hotel was so easy to find, I did phone the hotel the night before to get directions from the tube to the hotel. They were very helpful and told me to take the tube to Old Street and take the second exit, then follow the signs to Moorgate station. The directions really couldn't of been easier. The hotel is placed halfway between Moorgate station and Old Street station, so whichever tube you decide to use, then it is easy to get to the hotel. There is also a bus stop outside and the buses stop regularly, If you're travelling with lots of luggage, then this might be the easier option for you.

The Bed and desk
I went to check in at the hotel and It was so easy, I had already mentioned to them that I would like to check in early and upon arrival I was able to pay £10 and get into my room from 12pm, instead of 3pm. This option is early check in and is available to buy when you book the room. When you do check in there is the reception area that you can use, or you can check in with the self service check in machines, This saves you waiting in the queue. All you need is your online check in details.

I was placed on the 4th floor and My address for the weekend became room 436. The room was a double room and placed in the middle of the room was a king size bed. There was a desk underneath the window with a fan, a small kettle and sachets of tea and coffee, a Tv and information about the hotel. Each room comes with a bathroom for you and there is a shower. All towels are provided for you as well as body wash and hand wash.

As there was a few bloggers attending the conference, We were all able to meet up in the nicely sized foyer, before going off to the conference.  When we returned later on in the evening, we went for a meal in the restaurant and for £9.99 you can choose a meal from a set menu and a drink from the bar. So I chose curry and a wine. The bar is open 24 hours so you can also sit in the bar when you have returned from your night out.
Curry from the restaurant
WIFI is available at the hotel and all you need to do is order it over your phone or smart device, it is £3 for 24 hours, although you do get free WIFI for half an hour a day.  There are also computers available downstairs in the restaurant at a small price and you can surf the web whilst enjoying a drink from the bar.

We were made to feel very welcome on our first day of our stay in the Travelodge and we were always welcomed by the staff, they all chatted with Tilly and made her feel welcome too. My room was clean and bright and I looked forward to my first night sleep........

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