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The ArcelorMittal Orbit - A Trip To The Top of London #Viewfromtheorbit #Staycations

When we visit London, we like to visit many difference places. I think there is nothing better than visiting places because its first hand experience for kids to learn, So when Tilly said to me that she wanted to go to the big red building that she had seen on one of our visits to London - I had a search on the Internet and easily found out what she meant.

The ArcelorMittal Orbit (The what? I hear you say!) is found in Stratford, London and It overlooks the Olympic stadium in Queen Elizabeth park. It is so easy to find from both Stratford International station and Stratford station. As soon as you get off a tube or mainline train there are signs to follow, meaning you won't get lost. So just a short trek past some restaurants and Westfield shopping centre and you're there.
Going up in the lift

The sculpture itself was built by was created by sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor, and designer Cecil Balmond who are two of the most influential artists of our time and between them, they wanted to add something to the skyline that was different, something that wasn't a building and not an office building. Instead they wanted to create a piece of art, that will give visitors an experience of climbing England's tallest sculpture. The sculpture is 114.5m tall (taller than the Statue of Liberty).
Climbing the steps

By night

By day

Once you get to the top platform, you get the most amazing view and can see for 20 miles or more. You can pick out London attractions and buildings in the landscape. You're not rushed in your visit and you can take your time. There are plenty of staff on the platform to help with any questions, and in fact one member of staff stopped to explain the sculpture to Tilly, He got down to her level and told her all about it and showed her on the model, where she was standing right at that moment. Then he showed her how to use the magic mirrors to have a photograph of her taken upside down with the London buildings in the background. The experience was made very special and we were lucky to go on a day that it wasn't busy, so we could get a view from all around the platform. Tilly enjoyed walking down the steel steps to get to the shop on the lower platform, as you could see how far up we were. We went up and down in the lift, which has little round windows so you can see the ground getting further away as you rise to the top. It took us 30 secs to get to the top! you do have the option of walking up and down the 455 steps, taking about 15 minutes.

The Sculpture is made from Steel, actually to be more accurate 2000 tonnes of steel (this is as much steel as you would find in 265 double decker buses and to help with the environment, 60% of the steel used to build the ArcelorMittal Orbit was recycled from things like old cars, washing machines and metal steel building parts.

If being on the top platform of the ArcelorMittal Orbit isn't thrilling enough for you, then why not try abseiling down there? This exhilarating experience will cost £85 per person or £130 per person to include GoPro footage of your descent and an ArcelorMittal Orbit T-shirt. To book the experience you can just call 0333 800 8099. You need to be over 18 to enjoy this experience.

So how much is it to visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit? 

You can buy tickets online for £11.95 for an adult and £5.95 for children. This is the internet price and you simply choose your date and time. A family of 2 adults and 2 children is £32.00 for all four of you. Again this is the special web price. Tickets can be upgraded on site for an annual ticket, meaning you can go as many times as you like. And as there is a lot of work going on in the area, and West Ham going into the Olympic stadium - then an annual ticket sounds good!

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