Monday, 8 June 2015

The Missing Letters Mystery And The Lack Of Blood Donors

My Name is Kimmy and I am guest posting today.

When I heard about the urgent need or blood donations, I realised there was something I could do! I donate blood as often as I can. Unfortunately I have low iron levels and some months I am unable to donate, and its always a disappointment. But there is always next time. The achievement I feel when I have given blood and it could mean the difference between someone's life or death.

Have you noticed missing letters all over the place? No neither had I until Vicky pointed it out to me, It is such a clever eye catching campaign from the NHS to get people's attention. It is National Blood Week this week and it is the perfect time to ask for more donors. A, O and B letters are being removed from road signs, from  Newspapers and many other advertisements across the country. So will you get involved? Will it make you think about donating blood?
The National Blood service was created in 1946. They rely on the generously of the public to donate blood in order to save lives in both emergency situations and long turn treatments. In England, around 8,000 blood transfusions are carried out every day, so there's a need for blood donations.

As blood can only be safely stored for a relatively short time, hospital blood stocks need to be continuously refreshed. Red blood cells can only be stored for 35 days and platelets (the part of the blood that helps prevent excessive bleeding) can only be stored for seven days.

However although most people between 17 and 66 are able to give blood, only about 4% of the population donate regularly and first time donors are at a all time low. Therefore we have a shortage of blood in our blood banks.

Giving blood is an easy and painless experience. It takes around an hour of your time and could save 3 lives.

Could you be a hero? Could you donate blood?

For more information or to book and appointment to give blood please visit

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