Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tilly Goes To London Pride

I write this really late on a Saturday night after we have returned home from a 'quick' trip to London. The 'quick' trip turned in to a very long day, that Tilly didn't want to leave. When we arrived in the morning, we discovered it was London Pride today. An event for all the Gay people to celebrate not only how much ignorance has disappeared over the past couple of decades but also to get together with people from all over the country and party the day away.

Tilly is 5 and she is being bought up very openly and gay people are very much part of her life. they are no different to me and you, and to her its nothing different. I think its important to educate children not to look at people differently, and if they are bought up the right way then they have respect for all people of the world.

She knew what London Pride was all about and she had a blast meeting the different people. She didn't batter an eyelid and she enjoyed being with everyone there. She was mesmerised by the costumes and has so many photo's. So this has quite a few pictures, I wanted to share the atmosphere with everyone.

The only disappointment I have is that in the 3 hours we were in Trafalgar square, I saw 5 children walking about with their parents! why do people feel that they can't bring children to such a fun day out like this? Surely educating our kids is the future.

There were also some pretty powerful messages put across and Sandi Toksvig spoke of bringing her children up in a same sex relationship. Things were different when she came out 21 years ago and now its lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves. Its just a shame that there is one country in the UK where same sex relationships are shunned - Northern Ireland, Come on join the rest of the UK and stop being so homophobic!


Rebecca Ferguson

The amazingly funny Jack Jones


Somebody even carried Tilly, so she could see


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