Monday, 29 June 2015

Why Do We Have School Closure Days?

Dear School

OMG!! this weekend has been the longest weekend ever! Why oh Why do they have school closures? This weekend seems to have been the longest ever with the school being closed on Friday and Monday.  It all started last Thursday afternoon whilst I was at a conference for work and my phone buzzed with a text message from school reminding all parents that school was closed Friday and Monday....... panic stations quickly followed and I called in work to see if I was still working the afternoon on Friday as I had agreed the day before (luckily I had swapped the shift), Then a quick call to Kimmy to mention the little fact that I had forgotten Tilly wasn't at school, luckily her shift finished in time for me to go to work. So all disaster avoided on the childcare front.

Friday morning Tilly slept in, and I was really grateful as it had been such a long week and I really couldn't face a child tearing around the house at stupid o'clock in the morning. She didn't want to go out at all on Friday and to be honest I was with her on that one, Who would go out if they didn't have to? Only by the time Kimmy came home she was bored and charging around the house like some kind of lunatic who had forgotten to take her medication!!

Saturday we were on our way to a preview event and Tilly spied London Pride in Trafalgar square ...... form that moment she lost all interest in anything going on around her and the fact we were going to be late for our event. She seems to think that there are no worries in the world and she can do what she wants. Even when I lost her in Trafalgar square later on in the day, Even though my heart was in my throat - I knew she wouldn't wander off from the barrier where she could see the whole of the festivities in Trafalgar square. Luckily everyone dropped everything and started to look for her, I even had a child bought to me that wasn't mine! that was a close call, I nearly had 2 kids to take home! but everyone was so helpful and I even got down on to the floor to look for her white sandals in the mass of people (this seemed the easier option at the time - now I see no logic in doing this!). Finally I found her after losing her for what seems like 3 days when in fact it was only minutes, I felt a dozen more hairs in my head go grey.  But we went off to enjoy the rest of Pride and I lost count of the amount of time I had to shout 'Tilly, Come back' When I got her home and in bed I actually congratulated myself in successfully not losing my child.

Sunday was spent sleeping whilst Tilly ran riot with her brother at a funday! so OK I got a bit of a break from her persistent 'Mum, Mum, Mum.......'

And this brings us to today, This morning we went to Wetherspoons (Tillys choice and I didn't argue), Tilly chose fruit and yoghurt for it to arrive and her to declare she didn't want it any more, Well that was £2.49 well wasted! Instead she wanted my fry up.... actually given the choice of fruit and yoghurt or fry up, I would choose fry up all the time. I had to avert a disaster when she ran in front on a bloke carrying two breakfast's to some awaiting people..... I say averted, but really I just closed my eyes and hoped he wouldn't trip over her, The beans would of been a bugger to get out of her clothes.

We came home and I said she can go and play in the garden, but after calling her back 3 times as she let herself out of the gate, I had to ground her and make her come in (I was trying to punish her) and so we  watched a Bit of Yonderland on catch up tv, whilst I repaired her broken sandals (times are hard and its repair instead of buying new ones.) I popped the Superglue on to the table and told her it was poison. I have NEVER had a problem with things like this, she has never really touched something like that after I told her not to. So when I accidentally fell asleep for ten minutes (OK, 3/4 of an hour but it felt like tem minutes) I never thought she would take the superglue and squeeze it all over my stairs! I woke up to my downstairs smelling like a glue sniffers den. My first thought was OMG, what if she has glues her fingers together! luckily she didn't - that actually takes some skill, I am 42 and I get superglue all over my hands when I use it.

On the trip up the stairs, I found that my bathroom smelled strangely of my favourite Perfume Michael Korrs Sexy Amber. Obviously Tilly felt the bathroom didnt smell to her taste and she wasted a third of my new 100ML bottle just by spraying NOTHING! that was a good £20 worth of perfume gone in an instant :( .

Now I am sitting here watching her like a fly, Thinking school closure days should be cancelled FOREVER, In fact lets go the whole hog and send them to school at the weekends too? I am pretty close to a nervous breakdown after the past few days, or is that the glue sniffing I have done this afternoon? Roll on tomorrow, I shall be the first mum at the school gate, presenting my child and running for my life as I want  need a Vicky Day to myself. Its been a long long weekend.

Love From An Exhausted Mummy


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