Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why We Love #Staycations

The last time I went on a holiday abroad was with my Mum back in 2001. Since then I have been on short breaks with hubby on the ferry to Amsterdam & Bruges, but we haven’t had a longer holiday abroad. Simply, we just can’t afford it. So we have a staycation instead! What is a staycation I hear you ask? Well, if you've never heard the word before, it is simply a holiday (vacation) in your own country, most likely somewhere within reasonable travelling distance.

Our first staycation was back in 2007 and we visited the Highlands in Scotland and stayed in a quaint little cottage. We absolutely fell in love with the place and we have been back numerous times since. We have only been once with children though, and that’s when J was six months old; the main reason we haven’t been back yet – we had the journey from hell with a baby! (That’s a whole other story though). One of the other reasons is that the Highlands are pretty limited for activities for toddlers but we would love to go back again when they are a bit older, and show them the place that Mummy & Daddy fell in love with.
Our next holiday with J was to Anglesey in Wales when he was around 18 months old. There was so much to do and we managed to fill our days really well with visits to the beach, to the farm, to the sea zoo, even scenic drives playing I Spy. This one felt like our first proper family holiday as we could actually do more activities as a family and we had so much fun. We didn’t spend that much money either as it was easy to budget.
Last year we visited Norfolk on a boating holiday with my in-laws. Now, a boating holiday is definitely not my thing – I wrote a whole post about the reasons why over on my blog! It is a bit limited with being stuck on a boat, but when we were on land we still found very cheap and accessible activities to do with the boys.

This year we are visiting Norfolk with the in-laws again (free babysitters, ha!) but we are having a cottage holiday – much more my thing as it just feels like a home from home which is great for my anxiety, and we can keep some kind of routine. I have done lots of planning for this one so I can budget accordingly, including finding vouchers for attractions! I’m sure that the boys are going to love it; well, I hope all of us will!

So, my top reasons for loving a staycation:
  • Stress free travel (mostly!)
  • Can be cheap & cheerful but still enjoyable
  • So easy to budget, especially with vouchers
  • Easy to keep routine

There are so many undiscovered places in the UK and it can be just as exciting and enjoyable for children as going further afield. Of course there is one thing you can never guarantee with a UK staycation – the weather!

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