Thursday, 16 July 2015

10 Things I Love And Hate

This is a popular linky going around at the moment for bloggers, I love doing these as we get to find out little snippets of fun information from each other. So I was tagged by ramblingsofanotherunistudent for my top 10 of things I love and hate.

Here are the things I love.....
My kids - whether they are 23 or 5, I know they all need me at one time or another and my door is always open to them.

Blogging - This has opened so many doors for me and given me a completely different outlook on life, I have made so many new friends since I started.
My Job - ~I have worked there for 10 years and its not a bad company to work for, they are very parent friendly and I have been lucky with my bosses over the years.
Chocolate - I has to be Cadburys
Christmas - although it is a stressful time, I love putting all the imagination into Christmas and making it special for the kids.
Hearing Children laughing - Especially mine!
Vodka - Who doesnt? lol
Living by the sea - When the sun is shining, Who wouldn't want to live in a beautiful place like the seaside.
Netflix - Watch all the best programmes back to back by binge watching. You could also add Vodka and chocolate from my love list ;)
Holidays - I love getting away and doing other things for a few days.

Here is the list of things I hate

Waiting for anything - I have no patience whatsoever!
Queues - As above, I have no patience haha.
Gossipers - Sadly living in a town like mine, you do get the people that have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about other people. Quite often this can lead to problems in peoples lives, but they don't care!
The cold - I would rather have some sun.
Rude sales assistants - For instance, today I went into my local Savers store and the cashier was so rude and snatched the money out of my hand. She never used a greeting or said goodbye. Good job I wasn't a mystery shopper.
Dirty Laundry - It seems to get everywhere, the pile never goes away and just keeps growing.
Missing Deadlines - Sadly sometimes this happens as I am so busy working and deadlines get missed but it makes me feel like a crap blogger.
Judgemental people - some people judge other people without knowing the real reasons and it really winds me up!
People using Mobile phones at checkouts - Its just simply rude!
Self service checkouts - They should be banned, How many times can I correctly put something on the scales before you believe me?

I now tag,, whats your love/hate list?

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