Wednesday, 22 July 2015

An Open Letter To Some Ignorant People, Sadly My Child's Dad And His Partner

Dear Vicky and Rod,

Yes you two! The two people that are connected to me for life, whether you want to be or not! But as I have a child with Rod, sadly there will always be a connection :(

This past week has been an extremely hard one for me and my family and my life is in limbo at the moment. So tonight I actually thought I would turn to the church. I went to the open house this evening and thought there would be someone to talk to, my child could have a meal - I am not too scared to admit that times are extremely hard at the moment and I needed some help to feed my family. I work and I am on a low income, My money goes on the house that I own, therefore I get no help like you two. I pay my way for everything and yet it is never good enough. This week my freezer has broken and the full contents of food has been ruined, yet another expense I need to pay out for.

So I went to the church tonight, after a rubbish day and I walked in to hear you raise your voice Vicky and say 'Oh God, look who is here' and then to hear you say that you would leave if me and my child stay for a meal and a chat. HOW VERY DARE YOU!

I turned to leave and the staff stopped me, they were amazing and they listened to things I had to say. They offered us a cake and some food from the food bank. But I don't know what has pissed me off more, the fact that you kept sending your son out to see what was going on or the fact that you stopped my child from having a cooked meal! What kind of mother would deprive a child of a cooked meal? you heard my daughter say she was hungry at the door. But don't you worry love, as long as you filled your belly and you were happy then all is fine. As well as depriving my child of a cooked meal, you deprived me of someone to offload on, you took away my chance to talk to someone about my problems.

I am now seething as I write this post because what happened between me and Rod was a long time ago. I actually ignore all the cards I get through the post and the valentines day card I received this year was discarded in the bin as I have no interest in him at all. Yes I fell in love with him when I shouldn't of, but I haven't seen him for a long time and I have no interest in seeing him again. Hence the injunction preventing him having contact with us is in place. You were very childish in the way you kicked off, especially as she is your daughter Rod and Vicky, whether you like it or not Tilly is your step daughter! DO NOT EVER treat her like that again, as she is so innocent in this whole vendetta you seem to have against me.

I really hope you enjoyed your meal whilst my Tilly had pasta and tomatoes again, but it makes a change from beans on toast I suppose. The fact you are using a charity to feed you and your family shows me that sometimes circumstances mean that you have no food in the house (referring to my broken freezer).

I was actually seething when I started the post, but now I feel sympathy for you both. I got the best out of the relationship that Rod and I had. I got Tilly, she never goes without (except today when you stopped her having a meal)  and she is a much loved child - not just within my family but with many people in the town we live in. Rod if you manned up and actually paid child support for your daughter then things would be 100 times better for us. But I dont get a penny from you and in the past 3 years I have had less than £70 from you towards her life. But its not all about the money because I am proud that I do everything financially for her.

One day my circumstances will change and you may both need to come to me for something, and you know what? I will be there to help you because that's what people do, That's what mum's do!

From Vicky

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