Monday, 6 July 2015

Floral Friday In Aid Of World Vision, Friday July 10th 2015

World Vision is an international children's charity that works to improve the lives of the world’s poorest children by working closely with communities to tackle the root causes of poverty. Through funds from Child Sponsorship it helps families have better access to water, education and healthcare. World Vision, a Christian charity, has a continued presence in almost 100 countries, which means when disasters strike it is able to respond immediately and effectively to protect children who are particularly vulnerable in emergencies.

In order to raise some much needed funds for this cause, there is a fundraising day coming up on Friday 10th July, called Floral Friday and all World Vision is asking is that you wear something floral on Friday and raise a bit of cash for the children's charity.

You can find more details here and also a chance to get your hands on one of  1500 floral scarves designed by Linda Barker, who is helping to raise awareness for the charity. You will also get a fundraising pack to help you raise some money.
World Vision believe that EVERY child has the right to actually be a child and to have fun, learn, be safe and cared for. Every day 19,000 children die. Most of them die needlessly from preventable diseases and malnourishment. World Vision want to focus on putting an end to this by improving the health of children and families living in poverty. So every penny raised will help secure the future for thousands of children.

You can even make some colourful flowers to decorate your home for Floral Friday, Linda Barker made them with the children of Cambodia
So on Friday, get that floral dress out of the wardrobe, dust off the floral blouse and find those floral sandals. Join in with the fundraising and be happy in the thought that you will be helping to save children of the third world. 

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