Monday, 6 July 2015

Making Mexican With A Difference With Santa Maria

When we went to Britmums this year we were given a goody bag with some Santa Maria tortillas, some mild salsa sauce and a sachet of Fajita seasoning. We were challenged to make something different to the way we normally eat this kind of food. We love mexican in our house, but try to keep it mild for Tilly. So I had to sit and think about how I could make my meal different. I had to think outside the box (or think out side the round tortilla).

So this is what I came up with. We have made these before and they have been a successful food in our house. Its a great way to get the kids involved and if you get them involved, it is more likely they will eat the food once its cooked.

Tilly had great fun looking for different shapes to cut
out the tortillas, but if you live in a much more grown up household (our is very childish and being a grown up is not allowed) then you can use normally shapes like plain circles or squares.

once you have cut the shapes out, you simply need to pop them in an oven, heated up to 200 and leave them for about 4 minutes. Different shelves cook faster than others, so alternate the shelves after a couple of minutes.

Once the four minutes is up, take them out, they will still be slightly soft, but don't worry as they will get  harder as the cool. As they were cooling, I part boiled some veggies, Kim is a vegetarian so we normally eat a vegetarian mexican meal. after a few minutes of boiling, I drained the water and added the fajita mix and a small amount of olive oil. I fried them for 3 minutes so that the fajita mix could penetrate the veggies.

When it was ready, I put it all on the table with a bit of salad and everyone could help themselves. serve with wine (grown ups only)

Santa Maria foods are available in most supermarkets. Santa Maria Was formally known as Discovery foods and it was founded in the late 1980's by well-travelled and passionate foodie, James Beaton.He wanted to offer excellent food service and products to all of his customers and suppliers. In 2009 Discovery Foods was acquired by the Swedish company Santa Maria and that was when the name was changed from Discovery food to Santa Maria UK. You can get more information from the foods here at

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